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For the New Year: A Few Tips and Tricks for All Areas of Your Life

Pay Attention to Portions With New Year’s Resolutions upon us, many people will set their number one goal to weight loss.  A quick tip aside from diet and exercise is portion control! The easiest way to cut back on overeating is to use smaller dishware.  For example, every morning I eat my cereal out of […]


Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season

Christmas is just about here and the holidays mean getting to spend time with family and friends with lots of good food and drinks that are hard to resist! However, if you want to try to avoid weight gain this holiday season, just follow couple of my easy tips: First, always try to have a […]

Healthy Snacks

I turned again to twitter to ask all of you what you want to hear about, and this question was perfect because anyone who knows me, knows I have a sweet tooth!  This question comes from @shane_krystal and she asks, “ What is your best advice for curbing a sweet tooth?” First let me say […]

Awesome Treadmill Workout

It’s getting cold and lots of us are going to have to head indoors to get our cardio in! Therefore, I created this awesome treadmill workout to really tone your lower body and get your heart rates up to burn lots of calories.  The key to making this happen is VARIATION! Different speeds and inclines […]



All girls want a toned, lifted and shapely booty and I am here to help! I have created a workout that will work all parts of your backside! Try to do this three times a week in conjunction with your other workouts and a healthy diet and you’ll be getting a lot of looks when […]