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How To Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Try incorporating these easy tips to make the most of the extra hour of sleep this weekend! With Daylight Savings just around the corner, my friends at Beautyrest® Brand challenged me to show you how to take steps towards being a healthier, more well-rested you.  For me, that really starts with a good night’s sleep. […]


Quick Cardio Workout

Can’t make it to the gym? No sweat! Here’s a cardio workout routine with five moves you can do in your living room with no equipment required. Depending on how much time you have, you can do one to three sets, or more if you’re feeling up to it! Cardio Workout: Reverse Lunge with hop […]


VIDEO: Booty Lifter Workout

Booty lifter 5 rounds 1. Booty burners (20 each side) 2. Step ups (15 each side) 3. Double pulse squat (15) 4. Deadlifts (15) 5. Glute bridge (25)


Video: Combo Moves for a Full Body Workout

Combo moves for a full body workout (aim for 3-5 rounds through depending on fitness level) 1. Squat with overhead press (15 reps) 2. Plank Rows (12 each side) 3. Reverse lung with a twist (12 each side) 4. Burpees (10) 5. Alternating front-side raise with a calf raise (12 each)


The Athleisure Trend

I can’t lie. I love running errands in my workout clothes because they are comfy and easy to throw on.  But lucky us, convenience or a workout class aren’t the only reason now to wear your workout clothes out, Athleisure is having a really on trend moment right now! Pairing your favorite performance gear with […]


18 Looks for a Stylish Summer

Vestique + Samantha Busch Collab I recently had the pleasure of working with the awesome boutique Vestique to pick out some of my favorite summer looks for you! They have locations in North Carolina and South Carolina – but you can also shop the looks online! Vestique carries all sorts of cute dresses, rompers, shoes, […]

Friction Training

Friction Training with the Lynx Board

I’m always looking for a new workout routine so I don’t get bored or plateau, and since we’re on the go a lot, I need something that I can do in the motorhome when we are at the track. While doing some research one day, I came across the Lynx Board on Instagram (@fitlynx) and […]

Samantha Busch Butt Workout

Build that Booty

Here are 10 moves that you can do in 10 minutes for a lifted and toned booty! I try to take as little rest as possible in between each move, and I also like to run through this twice (or, hey, do as many rounds as you would like!) to really feel the burn the […]


West Coast Workout

My morning ab routine complete! 5 exercises, one minute each, 3 rounds 1. Bicycle crunches 2. In and Outs 3. Russian twists 4. High knees 5. Plank Wrapped up with some flat tummy tea to fight excess water and toxins! And how about these Trina Turk’s fun prints! I love her clothes and just realized there […]