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West Coast Workout

My morning ab routine complete! 5 exercises, one minute each, 3 rounds 1. Bicycle crunches 2. In and Outs 3. Russian twists 4. High knees 5. Plank Wrapped up with some flat tummy tea to fight excess water and toxins! And how about these Trina Turk’s fun prints! I love her clothes and just realized there […]


Shoulder Sculpt

Below are some tips for some of my favorite shoulder sculpting moves: Around the World: I love this move because it works your shoulders differently than traditional moves.  Just make sure to have a slight bend in your knees and really engage your core to protect your back. Lateral Side Raise: This is a really […]


Burn Out Those Biceps

Nowadays, carrying Brexton (my 22 pound adorable lil’ chunker) is workout enough for my biceps! However, I like to squeeze this quick routine in too, when I can! Depending on time or what else I am working on that day, I either do each move for one full minute, resting 20 seconds between moves or […]

Heel Slides

Ab Routine for Those with a Bad Back

As many of you know, I blew out a disc this summer while lifting Brexton.  He was in the middle of the bed where I was dressing him and when he began to fuss, I leaned over with my arms outstretched and lifted him using just my back (aka completely the wrong way)! As someone […]


Fit to be Pregnant

As I approach 37 weeks, I am still trying to work out regularly, although I can’t lie, it’s getting more and more difficult because little man is dropping! Fitness and eating healthy (for the most part) have been important to me throughout my entire pregnancy so I wanted to share with you a little bit […]


Three Minute Squat Challenge

Looking to add some quick, lower body blasting cardio/toning to your routine, then you will LOVE this three minute squat challenge. The demo video is below but here is a brief description. All you will need is a stopwatch and, trust me, this will leave your legs feeling like Jell-O! 0–.30: Squats .30-1:00 : Jump […]


Beginner Bicep Routine

I have gotten many requests from people through social media to create a few more simple, body part specific, workouts for those of you just starting out.  Ladies don’t be afraid to grab some weights if you want to tone your arms! Below is a description of the moves, but please watch the video to […]


Lower Body Sculpting

Looking for a quick workout to tone every part of your thighs and booty while getting your heart rate going? Then you’re going to love this workout! I combine this with my other ab and arms workout for a full total body routine. Do each move for one full minute and run through the routine […]


Standing Abs Series

Get up off of that floor and join me in a standing abs series sure to tone your core and get that heart rate up! If you feel like you have reached a plateau doing your normal crunches or just want a change, incorporate this series into your next workout.  Aim for one full minute […]