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My Clear-Out-the-Pantry Recipe

It’s getting chilly in NC! Ok, not really – it’s still 80 during the day, but it’s down in the 60s at night and that’s good enough for me to get to break out the crockpot. Don’t ask my why, but for some reason I just feel like the crockpot is more for the cooler […]


Quick and Easy Dinner with Modern Table

I like to cook… sometimes. Most of the time I just want a healthy, home-cooked meal that doesn’t have me in the kitchen for hours! I recently stumbled upon Modern Table meals at Target (and later found them at EarthFare, too!) and fell in love! This Italian girl loves her some pasta, but it’s obviously […]


Quick and Easy Smashed Potatoes

Looking for a quick side dish to make with dinner tonight? Here is one of my go-to recipes that my bestie taught me and it’s so simple! The Ingredients One bag of multi-colored small potatoes Salt Avocado oil Italian seasoning Garlic salt Black pepper Parmesan cheese The Directions Start by boiling a bag of multi […]

quacamole recipe

My Ultimate (Kitchen Sink) Guacamole

Have you heard of a kitchen sink salad? Well, my guacamole is pretty similar because I throw everything in it! In my house, we all like chunky, spicy guacamole and mine is definitely a labor of love! I make massive batches and our family gobbles it up fast. The Ingredients: 4 avocados 8 oz diced […]

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Jazzing up the Blue Box (Mac and Cheese)

It’s no secret that one of Kyle’s favorite foods is mac and cheese. True story: At our wedding, we did a second wave of “drunk food” at midnight which included things like mini burgers, pizza, etc., and Kyle insisted with the caterers that he wanted mac and cheese straight out of the box. The chef […]


Easy Breakfast Lasagna

If you are the type of person who LOVES mixing all your breakfast items together, this recipe is for you! I recently wanted to make something for brunch that would please all our guests, but also easy enough that I could throw together the night before or at least a few hours ahead of time. […]


Confetti Bean Salad

Let’s be honest, we all have cans (and cans) of beans in the pantry that just seem to always take up space on the shelf. Well, now you can put them to good use with this super easy recipe that I whipped together. It has been a big hit in my house with our guests! […]


Easter #PinterestFail

The other day I was looking for a fun Easter treat to make and came across this adorable recipe involving rice krispies treat-shaped eggs with Easter M&Ms hidden inside. It looked really cute and simple enough, so I thought I would give it a try for my blog and also as a test for treats […]


Fun Date Night in the Queen City

I love spending time with my hubby and friends, and we’re always looking for a new restaurant to try or fun things to do. From first-class restaurants like 5Church to baseball games at Knight’s Stadium, there are so many options for a night out in Charlotte. When my best friend Bri’s big 3-0 was coming […]