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Recipe Remake: In-N-Out Burger

Growing up on the West Coast, Kyle had two favorites: Weinerschnitzel and In-N-Out! Every time we go back there for racing, the first stop (the second we land) is at one of these two places. Aside from being really bummed about not racing the West Coast, I knew he would be missing his fast food […]


Quick and Easy Mexican Soup

Although the sun is shining here in Texas, it’s chilly! That along with the fact that I’m trying to clean out the Motorhome cabinets of all the canned food we’ve accumulated throughout the year, I decided to make a soup of some sort. I really like Mexican food right now so I ran with that […]


Dinner in a Flash: Ramen Noodle Stir Fry

There are just those days when you don’t have a lot of time or a lot of ingredients in the house but you need to get dinner on the table stat! I was having one of those days this past Friday in Bristol. I was out at Toyota Pit Pass, hanging with the fans and […]


Healthy “Ice Cream”

I LOVE ice cream! Seriously, it’s the best. I haven’t met a flavor I don’t like! The very best flavor, which is very hard to find, is called the Fat Elvis.  Each place does it a little different but the key ingredients are bananas, peanut butter and chocolate. Really…how amazing does that sound?? I’m drooling […]


Deconstructed Sushi Roll

When the hot weather rolls in, I love to make light, refreshing meals that don’t take a lot of time. This recipe I created is my version of a deconstructed sushi roll. It is loaded with protein, good fats and nutrients and, even better, it’s super easy to make which gives you more time to […]