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Interview with TopStyler creator Linda Flowers

I had the chance to sit down with Linda Flowers, creator of the TopStyler and chat via Skype about how she came up with the idea for the TopStyler and about her amazing job as stylist to the stars of Hollywood!


Two new hair styles with the Instyler!

Here are two new hairstyles for you! Sexy beachy waves and smooth and straight with a touch of bounce! Make sure to Instagram me a photo of your hair! @SamanthaBusch on Twitter and Instagram. #InStyler


Enhance your hair

In this InStyler video I’ll show you a couple products that I use to get my hair to look it’s best. Then make sure to check out my other video on how to style your hair with the InStyler!



I recently tried an awesome hair styling product that I love! It is called the TopStyler and it delivers beautiful, bouncy curls and voluminous waves that last up to three times longer, without causing damage to hair fiber.  Instead of having a typical roller that heats up it has shells which they call C-shells that […]