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PRN Podcast with Samantha

Listen as Wendy Venturini chats with Samantha about impending motherhood, the Kyle Busch Foundation and more!


Part Three: IVF The Journey: Egg Retrieval

With IVF being the only option for Kyle and me to have our baby, the minute I got home from the doctor’s office, I jumped on the Internet to do some searching. The information out there was vast with some great videos and diagrams but many of them came from clinics and they felt really […]


Part 2: When are you having a baby? Um, GOOD QUESTION!

The old saying goes, ‘First comes love, then comes marriage then comes the baby in the baby carriage.’  Ok, so love: check! Marriage: check! Baby: Check…finally!  As you now know, Kyle and I had some struggles getting pregnant and they were only amplified with each question of, ‘So, when are you two going to have […]


Fuller Lips Without the Needle

Who doesn’t want a full, Kardashian-looking pout? I know I do but the thought of needles in my lips sounds sooo painful and, for me, lip plumper glosses seem to fade off after a few short minutes.  So instead I decided to get my “fill” with liners and lipstick by Sonia Kashuk, which you can […]