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I recently tried an awesome hair styling product that I love! It is called the TopStyler and it delivers beautiful, bouncy curls and voluminous waves that last up to three times longer, without causing damage to hair fiber.  Instead of having a typical roller that heats up it has shells which they call C-shells that […]


Home Made Facemask

As some of you may have seen on Twitter last night I was making a homemade facemask while watching the truck race with Kyle in Pocono! I left all of my regular facemasks at home so I figured I would get creative with a homemade one of my own using natural ingredients I had on […]

John Frieda Brunette Glaze

I am extremely picky about who colors my hair so needless to say when our schedule and my colorist schedule did not line up and I was 6 weeks overdue on a coloring I was in panic mode.  Do I entrust my hair to someone else or just have some massive roots and washed out […]

Bare Minerals Eye Shadow Palatte

I was at Sephora and came across the most beautiful array of eye shadow colors in a Bare Minerals Eye shadow  palate and just had to have it! This gorgeous palate contained many highly pigmented golds, greens, browns and a gorgeous red/brown that I have never seen before.  All of the shadows had very glittery […]

Gel Nail Polish Remover

Gel manicures are all the rave right now because they last so much longer then a typical manicure.  I get these types of manicures all the time and they do last at least 14 days if not longer! To remove this type of manicure, however, it takes a little more then putting nail polish remover […]