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Baby Brezza

There are just some inventions out there that really make sense.  The microwave, hairdryers, etc. They make our lives simpler and get things done a lot faster and more efficient.  The Baby Brezza is one of these products.  First, let me start out by saying that I am not an ambassador for this product, they […]


Stay All Day Lipstick

I love a bright bold lip color but hate that it fades away so fast! I’ve tried a number of brands so I usually just end up buying drug store cheapies because the expensive ones don’t last either. You know I love to shop small and Instagram is my go-to for so many great products! […]


One Step to Gorgeous Hair

I’m all about saving time as a new mommy but I still want to have great hair, so when I got a free sample of Macadamia Flawless Cleansing Conditioner, I was super excited but also very skeptical. I’ve tried washes before that are suds free and claim to do the work of shampoo and conditioner […]


Products I Love: The Woombie Plus

I wanted to share a product with you that helps give me some peace of mind at night. Brexton is the type of baby that has to be swaddled to sleep. We are trying to transition him out of it but it’s been really hard. At nap time, we keep one arm out and he […]


PRN Podcast with Samantha

Listen as Wendy Venturini chats with Samantha about impending motherhood, the Kyle Busch Foundation and more!