dorm styling

Dorm Styling 101

Where did the summer go? School is almost back in session and many are getting ready to move out and live on their own for the very first time! It’s both scary and exciting all at the same time but, I can promise you this, the memories you make these next four years will be […]


Products I Love: Lush Roots

Girls with fine, thin and fragile hair, listen up, because you NEED this! Not like, ‘oh maybe, I will get that and use it a couple of times and then it will sit on my shelf’. Oh no, this product will be your newest obsession! You will use it every time you hop in the […]


Standing Abs Series

Get up off of that floor and join me in a standing abs series sure to tone your core and get that heart rate up! If you feel like you have reached a plateau doing your normal crunches or just want a change, incorporate this series into your next workout.  Aim for one full minute […]


Make-Up Mondays: Contouring 101

Why do I have war paint on my face? Because this awesome sculptor stick from Tarte is the best and easiest way to contour your face! High cheekbones, a straight nose, a more defined jaw line, this product does it all and then some! I really prefer it for the summer months especially because the high heat and humidity […]


Healthy “Ice Cream”

I LOVE ice cream! Seriously, it’s the best. I haven’t met a flavor I don’t like! The very best flavor, which is very hard to find, is called the Fat Elvis.  Each place does it a little different but the key ingredients are bananas, peanut butter and chocolate. Really…how amazing does that sound?? I’m drooling […]