Quick Tips

  Get something leopard for the fall! If you are daring go with a leopard dress.  Pair it with black tights and a black cardigan with a belt over it for a day Loose the tights and cardigan and add a pair of pumps for a sexy night time outfit.  If you are daring pair […]


Tsvety McAuliffe

I am so excited Charlotte North Carolina Fashion Week 2011 begins tomorrow!! I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful designers and I cannot wait to see all of their gorgeous collections. I wanted to do a little write up on one designer in particular, Tsvety McAuliffe, who has made three stunning dresses […]

Fuze Healthy Smoothies

Many of you know of my love for Fuze juice drinks. They are not only delicious, but also provide vitamins and nutrients and their Slenderize line offers great juice drink tastes with low calories! I was looking for new and interesting ways to incorporate Fuze juice drinks into my diet and thought what better way […]


Nail Polish Favorites!

A lot of you that follow me on twitter know my love for the new type of nail polish that does not chip! I wanted to explain a bit about the different brands and the process so that you will all have a full understanding of how great it is! First, from what I have […]


Kyle’s Favorite Dish

On twitter a posted Kyle’s favorite dish I make which is a Tex Mex pasta salad. There was a huge response from you guys about it so I wanted to share this delicious and easy recipe.  It is kind of a funny story how this dish came about.  Kyle and I were in Daytona in […]


I Love Cereal !!

I love cereal, always have, always will regardless of all the carbs people complain that it has.  Its hands down one of my favorite foods! However, there are some cereals that are awful for you and should be avoided at all costs and some, like the ones I eat that have Omega 3’s, fiber and […]

Good Workout in Limited Time

A lot of people say they want a hard workout but do not have a lot of time.  I feel this way on race mornings when I have a million things to do before intros but still want to get a quick work out in.  I went to a group exercise class once where we […]

My Favorite Reading

I am a huge fan of murder/mystery books and recently with the guidance of the MRO (Motor Racing Outreach) community; I have begun to read books with a religious undertone.  I have read many great books by very talented authors over the years but I was looking for a compelling, page-turner, that also taught me […]