Advanced 5 Minute Plank Series

Are planks fun? No, not so much! Do we have to do them for a tight, toned core? OH YES, yes we do! Here is a quick five minute workout that will shred your core in no time.  (Remember to always consult a doctor before starting any new exercises, take breaks when you need but […]


(Sun) Block Those Breakouts

I don’t care what each brand of sunblock claims, I always breakout when I put sunscreen on my face. Ones without oil, mineral based, dermatologist approved…it doesn’t matter. Within an hour, I’m an oil slick and my skin is broken out. I do like BB and CC creams that have SPF 30 in them (see […]


Outfit Inspiration: Abstract Art

I love abstract print skirts for summer especially in the midi length.  They have such artistic patterns and are so funky, modern and really make a statement! Pick out one color from the skirt for your top and keep it simple.  It’s hot out so tie your hair up in a cute top-knot and go […]


Make-Up Mondays!

I’ve decided to start a new section where I will feature some of my favorite beauty products straight out of my make-up bag or show you some easy beauty how-to’s. To start this off right, I had to review the foundation product I am currently obsessing over for summer, Naked Skin by Urban Decay.  This […]

What to wear to a beach wedding

Summer Series: What to Wear to… a Beach Wedding

Wedding season is upon us and many of you have told me that you are attending beach weddings. Warm breezes, sand at your feet, the sound of waves crashing on the beach…what’s not to love?! The big question for many though, whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, is what in […]