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Brexton’s Top 15 List

I can’t lie to you: passing racks and racks of adorable girls’ clothing at the big department stores made me so frustrated once I got to the boys’ section, only to find a small selection of clothing covered in the same old boy-themed things you always see! I wanted to find cute, trendy items for […]


A Few of My Favorite Things

Being a first-time mommy is seriously scary! You have no idea what to expect from pregnancy, birth and beyond, regardless of how many friends you talk to or how many books you read. My favorite part is when you are checking out of the hospital. You honestly just can’t believe they are really giving you […]


Romping Around

Rompers are all the rage this summer! They’re comfy and quick to put on, which is perfect for this new mommy! My biggest pet peeve though is when you get a romper that’s not lined at all and you can see everything underneath. That’s not the case with this gorgeous romper from Riffraff! I’m obsessed […]


Recipe Remake: In-N-Out Burger

Growing up on the West Coast, Kyle had two favorites: Weinerschnitzel and In-N-Out! Every time we go back there for racing, the first stop (the second we land) is at one of these two places. Aside from being really bummed about not racing the West Coast, I knew he would be missing his fast food […]


My Secret Weapon in the Winter Months

Cold and windy weather in the winter months is just terrible for our skin and this arctic freeze moving through the country surely isn’t helping us! This fantastic hydrating serum, Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum, is my go-to secret weapon to help keep my skin hydrated and protected. I was finding that my skin was […]


Top-10 Drug Store Buys

  L’OREAL Overnight Mask Perfect for when your skin is dehydrated after the sun, I use this leave on, night time mask once a week.  My skin feels velvety soft in the morning, my lines are less pronounced and my skin is radiant! I would use it more often but  I have combination/oily skin so […]


Three Minute Squat Challenge

Looking to add some quick, lower body blasting cardio/toning to your routine, then you will LOVE this three minute squat challenge. The demo video is below but here is a brief description. All you will need is a stopwatch and, trust me, this will leave your legs feeling like Jell-O! 0–.30: Squats .30-1:00 : Jump […]


Standing Abs Series

Get up off of that floor and join me in a standing abs series sure to tone your core and get that heart rate up! If you feel like you have reached a plateau doing your normal crunches or just want a change, incorporate this series into your next workout.  Aim for one full minute […]