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BB and CC Cream Reviews

I won’t lie. I was nervous about the BB cream and then the CC cream craze because I was afraid they were going to feel “mask-like”.  I expected the BB and CC creams to be thick and clog my pores and some that I tried, did.  But at last, after spending hours in Sephora, I […]

Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Do you have a hard time getting started in the morning? So much so that you end up feeling so scattered that you can barely get all the things done you need for the day before you get out the door?  Did you know that you can cut your morning routine time down by simply […]

Black and White is OH SO RIGHT!

Flip open any magazine or walk into any trendy retailer and the black and white combos are everywhere! It is by far one of the hottest trends for spring 2013 and it’s popping up all over the red carpet.  From full outfits to just a touch with a necklace or handbag, this look is very […]

Cat Eyes

A general makeup rule is to only play up one feature on your face with a lot of color.  Generally, you choose your eyes, lips or cheeks.  This is why a red lip from my last blog pairs so well with my next make-up trend, the cat eye, because basically all you see is the […]

TNS Regeneration System by SkinMedica

I have tried so many face products it is crazy and nothing seems to help with fine lines, spots, dullness and acne, until now! I have finally found a line that I love! I use to use spa quality facial care products, but I found that they made me break out or not really do […]

Great Looks for Holiday Parties

On twitter I asked what you guys wanted me to write about so @luv2tan97 this one is for you! She asked, “ How bout something geared towards us “older” ladies.  Skincare, hair, clothes ideas.” I was on the phone with my mom when I read this and my Mom said “Yes, put some outfits together […]

Two new hair styles with the Instyler!

Here are two new hairstyles for you! Sexy beachy waves and smooth and straight with a touch of bounce! Make sure to Instagram me a photo of your hair! @SamanthaBusch on Twitter and Instagram. #InStyler

Enhance your hair

In this InStyler video I’ll show you a couple products that I use to get my hair to look it’s best. Then make sure to check out my other video on how to style your hair with the InStyler!

John Frieda Brunette Glaze

I am extremely picky about who colors my hair so needless to say when our schedule and my colorist schedule did not line up and I was 6 weeks overdue on a coloring I was in panic mode.  Do I entrust my hair to someone else or just have some massive roots and washed out […]