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Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Do you have a hard time getting started in the morning? So much so that you end up feeling so scattered that you can barely get all the things done you need for the day before you get out the door?  Did you know that you can cut your morning routine time down by simply […]

Bare Minerals Eye Shadow Palatte

I was at Sephora and came across the most beautiful array of eye shadow colors in a Bare Minerals Eye shadow  palate and just had to have it! This gorgeous palate contained many highly pigmented golds, greens, browns and a gorgeous red/brown that I have never seen before.  All of the shadows had very glittery […]


Sephora – Instant depuffing roll-on gel

First I have to start by saying that I really love Sephora because when you purchase things from there if they have samples they share them with you or if you earn enough points from purchases you get great free gifts. My free gift I picked up on my last trip was a new Sephora […]


Phytomer Initial Youth Multi-Action Early Wrinkle Cream

I went to a local spa and was looking for a great nighttime moisturizer to help prevent wrinkles in the future. I am a firm believer that you have to start prevention early on, heck my moms been making me use under eye cream since I was 18 because she says it runs in our […]


Bargins in Heath and Beauty Products

There so many different products for women out there ranging from a mere dollar or two in health and beauty products all the way up to a few hundred dollars for face creams.  So what is a lady to do? Which items should we fork over the cash for and which should we opt for […]