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Two new hair styles with the Instyler!

Here are two new hairstyles for you! Sexy beachy waves and smooth and straight with a touch of bounce! Make sure to Instagram me a photo of your hair! @SamanthaBusch on Twitter and Instagram. #InStyler


Enhance your hair

In this InStyler video I’ll show you a couple products that I use to get my hair to look it’s best. Then make sure to check out my other video on how to style your hair with the InStyler!

John Frieda Brunette Glaze

I am extremely picky about who colors my hair so needless to say when our schedule and my colorist schedule did not line up and I was 6 weeks overdue on a coloring I was in panic mode.  Do I entrust my hair to someone else or just have some massive roots and washed out […]

Nexus Comb Thru Natural Hold Hairspray

I have tried numerous hair sprays over the years looking for one that held my style in place but still offered movement.  This is by far the best hairspray I have found to give that flexible control that still allows your down do’s to move.  It has a nice scent and also has antioxidants and […]

Morracan Oil

Want a miracle product for any and all hair types, well this is it! I am obsessed with my Moroccan oil! A little bit goes such a long way and it does not weigh down my fine hair. Lots of my girlfriends and family members use it too an they all love it and they […]