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Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Do you have a hard time getting started in the morning? So much so that you end up feeling so scattered that you can barely get all the things done you need for the day before you get out the door?  Did you know that you can cut your morning routine time down by simply […]


Cat Eyes

A general makeup rule is to only play up one feature on your face with a lot of color.  Generally, you choose your eyes, lips or cheeks.  This is why a red lip from my last blog pairs so well with my next make-up trend, the cat eye, because basically all you see is the […]

Gel Nail Polish Remover

Gel manicures are all the rave right now because they last so much longer then a typical manicure.  I get these types of manicures all the time and they do last at least 14 days if not longer! To remove this type of manicure, however, it takes a little more then putting nail polish remover […]

MAC Studio Fix Powder

I get a lot of questions on twitter about what type of face make up I use and I can honestly say I have used MAC Studio Fix powder for the last 5 years and I am slightly obsessed.   It is said that this product is a foundation and powder in one but it does […]

Eyelure False Eyelashes

I love wearing false eyelashes for special events but they are so hard to put on! Not even joking Kyle always has to help me and he is kind of a pro at it! Still putting the glue on is messy and either the lash falls off, a corner comes up or you glue your […]