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Interview with TopStyler creator Linda Flowers

I had the chance to sit down with Linda Flowers, creator of the TopStyler and chat via Skype about how she came up with the idea for the TopStyler and about her amazing job as stylist to the stars of Hollywood!


Samantha Busch’s 6 Min Abs Workout

In this video I’ll show you 6 great exercise to do with the Body Bar, it’s 6 Minute Abs. 6 exercise you can do for a minute a piece. Enjoy!


InStyler Hair Tips with Samantha Busch – Curling

I got my Mom to become my model so I could show you how quick and easy it is to curl your hair with the InStyler! If you have any questions or would like to see a tutorial on any other InStyler tips please let me know.


A New You Video Series

In this first tutorial, we’ll look at 3 exercises that will help you start to tone up those arms!   *Samantha Busch strongly recommends that you consult your doctor and get medical approval before beginning any fitness and / or exercise program.


InStyler Hair Tips

Learn the proper way to use the InStyler so that you get the best results possible! And stay tuned for more tips coming soon.