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A NASCAR wife interview with Samantha Busch

(Article by Fast and Fabulous) The thing I love the most about interviewing wives & girlfriends of NASCAR drivers is that you get to see them through a different perspective. That different view, of seeing them as regular people, is my number one goal for this site (well, that and getting to do this full-time) […]

Race Track Fun!

L ot’s of people always ask what I do on the weekends while Kyle is at practice.  Well most of the time it is not super exciting stuff like answering emails, doing call-ins for different events, schoolwork or other such stuff.  A lot of times I will do workout videos or go for a walk […]

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Motorhome Tour

Samantha gives us a tour of their motorhome. She talks about how Kyle proposed and their wedding plans. Plus, Kyle has a TV in the shower. Woot!!!