Shoulder Sculpt

Below are some tips for some of my favorite shoulder sculpting moves: Around the World: I love this move because it works your shoulders differently than traditional moves.  Just make sure to have a slight bend in your knees and really engage your core to protect your back. Lateral Side Raise: This is a really […]

Burn Out Those Biceps

Nowadays, carrying Brexton (my 22 pound adorable lil’ chunker) is workout enough for my biceps! However, I like to squeeze this quick routine in too, when I can! Depending on time or what else I am working on that day, I either do each move for one full minute, resting 20 seconds between moves or […]

Flynn Skye High

I’m obsessed with clothing label Flynn Skye!  It’s the ultimate mix of Boho and sexy! Their prints and styles are unique and flirty…you just feel straight up amazing in them! I really like this wrap crop top (which comes in a ton of prints and other styles) because it is so versatile. Tie it in […]

Recipes I Love: Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Looking for a healthier alternative to chicken wings for your Super Bowl party? I’ve got you covered with this simple Buffalo Chicken Meatballs recipe that packs a lot of flavor and lots of protein! It’s also low in carbs and fat…win, win, win, win!) Here are the ingredients you will need: Lean Ground Chicken Breast […]

Mom and Me Style: Shapely Jeans and Utility Wear

Shapewear is awesome for all sizes because it lifts, tucks, and perks up all those pesky little spots that even gym visits and a healthy diet can’t get rid of! I found these amazing shaping jeans called Yummie by Heather Thomson Denim so I snagged a pair for myself and my mama.  First, I like […]


Ok, let’s be honest, who really likes to eat vegetables? No one in their right mind really wants to munch on broccoli when we could be scarfing down some yummy ice cream, candy, cookies…oh heck, you get the picture! In an attempt to make vegetables yummier, we generally douse them in all sorts of fatty […]

Ab Routine for Those with a Bad Back

As many of you know, I blew out a disc this summer while lifting Brexton.  He was in the middle of the bed where I was dressing him and when he began to fuss, I leaned over with my arms outstretched and lifted him using just my back (aka completely the wrong way)! As someone […]

Super Bowl Snicker Footballs

Are you having people over this weekend for the playoff games? Are you planning on having, or going to, a fun Super Bowl party? If so, I found the EASIEST and yummiest treat to make that is also oh so cute…thank you Pinterest! All you need is a package of crescent rolls, fun-size Snickers and […]

Matchy Matchy with my Momma

I asked, you answered and I listened! Many of you said you really liked my outfits but wanted to see them styled a little bit more conservatively and more age appropriate for different age groups so I thought who better to style than my beautiful mom! Ponchos and capes are so chic in this chilly […]